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Casual Friday-Wear Garrott to Work

Last Week Nickki at Wild as a Mink but Sweet as Soda Pop showed us how to pretty up the Garrott Tee. We all love that, but some times a Tee is a Tee, we want comfort, and so enters Casual Friday to the work week. We love casual Friday, but don’t get caught being the schlep at work. Style is everything so here goes Nickki with look # 2 Casual Friday: Skinny jeans are key, don’t be afraid of them they a girls best friend and we love to tuck them into tall slouchy leather boots. Go for flats if you like but a 2″ heal is just as walkable and gives you girl power. Layer the Garrott Tee with a tank top underneath for an extra layer and a pop of color if you’re feeling frisky. Top it all off with a 3/4 sleeve cropped jacket, scrunch the sleeve and you are ready for business. Grab a big colorful bag and wrap up the work week just in time to meet the girls for drinks. See it’s soooooo EASY, and you were going to wear your Adidas weren’t you? Get your Garrott Tee with free shipping in the U.S. for a limited time only!

Casual cool that is also smart
Skinny jeans make your legs look longer (and you-skinny)
So easy-It doesn't even feel like work
Just like that it's time to go!