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Diagnosable Creative Disorder

As I go back and forth between my design studio and my art studio there is a persistent feeling in the back of my mind. The voice in my head gets louder and louder until I finally stop and notice. “This place is a fargin mess!” it says.

Design Studio Deconstructed

Eventually, it will cloud my mind and my ability to think straight. It has already begun to slow me down. When I move something, something else falls over. I can’t find my sewing sheers because they are buried under mounds of fabric.

I am surprised I can still carry a coherent conversation with myself.

The Cutting Room Table

Sooner or later I am going to have to commit a weekend to cleaning this stuff up instead of making stuff up.

The Corner of Disbelief
Desktop Assemblage
Library of Chaos Art Theory

The voice in my head stomps it’s foot and asks “WHEN?!” I set down my coffee, turn up the music and mutter to myself

” not today”

The Enabler