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Creative Health and Wellness: Essential Oils

There is a lot of conversation this time of year about health, wellness and career goals in the coming new year. I enjoy dreaming about the things I want to accomplish and often spend New Year’s Eve writing the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of it down over drinks as the ball drops. Like you, I try to eat healthy, exercise six days a week and keep a proper sleep schedule. All of these habits go a long way to keeping me on top of my game plan, but last fall I got hit with a doozie of a “cold” (I called “The Nothing“) that rolled me flat on my back for weeks.

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It wasn’t so much coughing and congestion as it was complete and utter exhaustion and lack of energy or initiative.  If you know me, loosing my Mojo is a heck of a lot more horrifying than even the worst flu symptoms. The first week I was patient and almost appreciated the slow down, I sipped tea, napped and read books. The second week I was ready to be done with it but it hung around. The third week I was fed up and seriously behind on my projects. I did not want to go to a doctor. Who has time to take off and sit in a doctor’s office just to find out you have a cold?

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So I went to Facebook with my self pity and misery where my cousin told me some outlandish holistic remedies to try. She told me to put a half cut onion in my sock while I slept, that it would pull out toxins. She also told me to put a clove of fresh garlic in my ear fold with dabs of olive oil and it would also pull out toxins. I figured ‘Mister’ would think I was a pasta salad and eat me before I’d get any relief. No, I’m not doing that. She then offered to send along some essential oils that she dabs on her feet, neck and wrists. OK, those I can try but I still think it’s a little too “granola” for this dark Nothing that took over my being.

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I take back all the crap I said about “granola”, the oils worked! Not only did they work, they continue to work and I didn’t have to take any over the counter aids that give me “medicine head” and “NyQuill nightmares” only The Quay Brothers can produce. Within the fourth week I felt a million times better. At work, the actual cold and flu were going around like the fashion district plague. I kept using the essential oils and I didn’t get but two days of sniffles out of it. A-MAZING! I was back in Business.

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I now consistently use Doterra‘s Flu Bomb Blend, On Guard, Digest-Zen, and Melaleuca (which I encapsulate). I see there are many brands of essential oils out there, several people have told me of less expensive brands. My cousin tells me Doterra is the most potent and and pure. I am not about to question her EVER again. If you’re interested in finding out more go to this link.

Stacy Smage Doterra Essential Oils

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Keeping energy levels and health up are so important to staying creative and productive. Loosing steam on my projects in 2016 is not part of my plan. I wish you the best in health, wealth and the pursuit of creative brilliance in 2016. If you do try Doterra or any other essential oil brands please comment below and tell us about your experience. Also, if you have an incredible holistic remedy, please share. Cheers to creative health and wellness!