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Art + Design: a Collaboration with BFloral NYC

Art + Design

You may have noticed art and design have become an every day fixture as trends in retail and environment design bring delightful experiences to you. No longer is art relegated only to galleries and museums or strictly for the savvy art collector. Art is everywhere, it’s personal and you can bring it home and even to work. I’ve been creating a series of paintings inspired by the Ralph Pucci’s MAD exhibition “The Art of The Mannequin“. I’ve also been obsessed with diversifying my “Natural Selection” series of large scale, expressive and colorful insect specimens. Bfloral, a design company in New York City specializing in branded events, turned out to be just as excited about these ideas. So we got together and created an event to show how art and design can make a memorable branded experience for retail, hospitality and co-working environments. Here are some of my favorite shots.

To see more work from the series “Mannequin Depression” and “Natural Selection” follow this link.  Buying a high quality matte canvas print is easy, check out my store or email an inquiry here. If you’d like to learn more about Art, Design and the Creative Lifestyle, subscribe to my newsletter in the banner below.