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Art Collector Original Watercolor Art Garrott Designs Moleskine Postal Notebooks

Moleskine Messages- Original Art by Mail

Moleskine Postal Notebook I recently got hold of these brilliant Moleskine Postal Notebooks samples from Moleskine and was thrilled with the possibilities. I could start a doodle conversation by mail with my nieces. I could fill the thing with original art and mail a surprise to a sketchy friend in Europe. Gifting a sketch among artists is one […] Read more

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Thryve in the Creative Lifestyle- Go with Your Gut

Thryve Inside I’m excited to be partnering with Thryve, testing their personalized probiotic gut health system. Thryve, INC is a venture backed genomic and probiotic start-up company founded in 2016. They are the first to provide a personalized probiotic systems based on your own gut health needs. Follow the experience here on my blog by […] Read more

Hamad International Airport Passenger Terminal Complex image courtesy of HOK

Designing for the Future: Trends We Need to Consider Now

Designing for the Future: Travel Centers as Culture Hubs I am writing a series of posts exploring the topics of art, retail and hospitality trends influencing the design of Travel Centers as Culture Hubs. This post about trends affecting architectural design is a part of the Design Blogger Competition organized by CGTrader and a perfect opportunity to introduce key trends defining the future […] Read more

World Trade Center Westfield sketches

Urban Architecture Sketching NYC: World Trade Center

Westfield World Trade Center For my third summer sketch location I went to Westfield World Trade Center. I’m a big fan of Santiago Calatrava especially for designing the Milwaukee Art Museum addition. I can’t always get back to Wisconsin when I like so this gorgeous little anomaly is my NYC fix. There is controversy about the significance, cost, […] Read more

Urban Architecture Sketching NYC: Whitney Museum

Architecture Sketching The Whitney Museum I love sketching from life, be it figure drawing at Society of Illustrators or travel sketching. Summer is rapidly approaching. I plan to do more sketching of some of my favorite New York City locations. Here is the first sketch of summer, the Whitney Museum. If you’d like to receive […] Read more